Underground Gym

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Here at Underground Pods, we know that staying fit is an important aspect of modern life. This is why we understand that it is sometimes hard to make the time to visit the gym. So what is the solution? A perfect solution is to build a gym in your home. This would make it easier to stay fit; however, it is hard to create the space in your home for a gym. This is where Underground Pods can help. If you don’t have the room to have a gym in your home or don’t have the ability to extend your house to create room, then you can build your gym underground. Thus allowing you to have a gym without sacrificing the space in your home.

  • All Pods are 2.4m high.
  • Our underground pods are delivered within 4 Weeks.


It is sometimes hard to fit a visit to the gym into everyday life. Sometimes the classes you want to attend are run at an inconvenient time. Thus making it hard to keep up with your fitness routine. Therefore, having an underground gym would be the perfect solution for you. An underground gym will allow you to have the perfect workout at any time of the day. You will be able to fit your fitness into your day at the time it suits you. You are not tied to timetables or structures.

Having your own underground gym will allow you to have your own private workout. You will not have to wait for someone else to finish on the machine that you want to use. There is no need to share your equipment with strangers! You will also be able to spend as you want on your machines. This allows you to have as long, or as short, gym session as you like. Again, this means that you can fit your fitness routine around your life.

Have you ever visited a gym and the machine you want to use is being used by someone else? Or have you been to a gym and they don’t have the machine or equipment that you want to use? Having an underground gym will stop this happening! You will be able to fill the space with all of the gym equipment that you want without the worry of other people using it. An underground gym will allow you to design and create a gym that will be perfect for your needs.

Creating the perfect lighting and temperature in a gym is extremely important to your fitness routine. An underground gym will allow you to do this. You will be able to create the atmosphere that you need in order to motivate yourself. You also do not have to worry about pleasing other users of the gym as the gym is just yours to use. An underground pod allows you to have air conditioning. This will stop you from overheating. Having a separate gym in your home means that you can have that room cooler without affecting the temperature in the rest of the house.


There are many benefits to having a personal underground gym:

  • You can use it any time of day. This allows you to fit your exercise routine around your everyday life
  • Fill your gym with all the equipment that you like to use
  • You can have a private workout
  • You don’t have to wait for other people to finish using the equipment
  • Having a gym underground allows you to keep your fitness away from the other areas of the house
  • You are in control of the temperature
  • Creates a unique selling point in your home


You will need to take a look at all of the underground pods that we have available on our website. When you have chosen the perfect pod for your particular needs, you need to place an order with us. We will then ensure that the pod is delivered directly to your door. So wait not take a look now? You will be more than happy that you did!