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Underground Cinema Room
Underground Cinema Room
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Underground Gym Room

What if you could gain extra space in your property. You could gain an extra room by simply installing one of our underground pods. Click below to discover more.

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About Underground Pods

Installing an underground pod into your home is the perfect way to create extra living space for you and your family. They are also perfect for homes that are situated in built-up urban areas where outdoor space is limited. You could extend your living space by converting your loft, however, doing this will only create more room for bedrooms and bathrooms. What do you do if you want to do something different with the extra space you have just created? Well, if you decide to install an underground pod into your home, you will be building a room that is closer to your main living area. The room will also be closer to your garden and will be a more practical living and entertainment space. As you can see from the information provided above, you can use the space created from installing the underground pod for a variety of things, including cinema rooms, underground offices, wine storage cellars, and gyms.

The pods that we have available at Underground Pods are made from pre-moulded plastic. We also have a premium pack that includes premium flooring and staircase covers. No matter which pod you decide to purchase from us, you will be purchasing a pod of a high quality. Our pods are able to be retrofitted into both extensions to a property or a new build. The pods are extremely versatile and perfect for any building and can even be fitted under your garage as an under garage cellar.

Once you have decided that an underground pod is a perfect addition to your building, you need to decide the size of the pod that you will need. This means that you need to know the dimensions of the space where you will be installing the underground pod. When you know this you will then have to choose the pod you want to purchase from Underground Pods. If we don’t have the pod available to fit your specific measurements, don’t worry. Simply contact us and we will discuss your needs as we are able to build you a pod that will fit your home. At Underground Pods we believe that the needs of our customers always come first.

Your chosen pod will then be delivered to you directly. Our turn around time is approximately 4 weeks. Installing your underground pod is simple. You will need to dig sufficient space in the ground to fit your pod. If you would like Underground Pods to install your pod we will be able to do this at an extra cost. If this is something that you are interested in, then please contact us to discuss this. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

An underground pod has many qualities that will benefit any building. They are 100% waterproof meaning that you don’t have to worry about leaks or water damage to any of your belongings. The pod is also 100% airtight resulting in a lovely warm room for you to spend time in. The fact that the pods are thermally insulated will also add to the warmth of the room. Thermally insulated rooms will reduce the costs of your energy bill. Thus, benefiting you in the long term.

When you purchase a pod from Underground Pods you can rest assured that you are purchasing an extremely high-quality product. They are all compliant with building regulations and are fire resistant. All of our pods come with a 20-year guarantee. This means that our products will stand the test of time and that you have a product that you can spend many happy years enjoying. So what are you waiting for? Purchase your pod from us today so you can create that extra space that you need!