It is supplied with two, four-inch ventilation pipes. One is for the flow into the pod and the second is for an electric extractor to be fitted, in-order to draw out any condensation.

Yes, insulation panels will need to be fitted to the walls, ceiling and floor (these are not included with the pod).

Did you know? At 2.5 metres below ground level, the temperature will only fluctuate by 2-3 degrees so the ground temperature will not change, unlike the outside air.

Yes, we would recommend a slimline electric low energy heater, which has cheap running costs.  Alternatively, we would recommend solar/renewable energy.

We recommend a separate consumer unit, to be fitted to supply the extractor unit, lights and heating.

Yes, if the pod is to be a habitable space. For example, cinema room, gym, office etc.  However, if the pod is not going to be a habitable space, for example wine cellar or storage. If it is to be installed 2 metres away from a boundary wall / fence, is not attached to the property and is under 30sqm in total, then the answer is no Building Regulations is not needed.

Yes, we here at Underground Pods can offer you a full site survey and installation service, upon request.