Underground Cinema Room

Please note – The above images are for illustration only and the internal contents is excluded from your underground pod.


Here at Underground Pods, we understand that you value the space in your house. We know that you don’t want to waste a single inch of it! We also know that for many of us it isn’t possible to extend our house in order to increase the space available. So, what solution do you have? Well, have you thought about expanding your house below ground level? If you haven’t, then you should and if you have, you may be wondering what is the best thing to do with the extra space. Well, how about turning your new underground room into a cinema room? If this is something you are considering, then keep reading to find out why an underground cinema would be a perfect addition to your home!

  • All Pods are 2.4m high.
  • Our underground pods are delivered within 4 Weeks.


So you’ve made the decision to extend your home below ground level, why would you want to turn that extra space into a home cinema? Here at Underground Pods, we can help explain why you should have an underground cinema. It used to be that the must-have feature in a home was a wine cellar, a hot tub, or a fancy expensive coffee maker. How times have changed! The latest domestic sought after feature is a home cinema. Many rich and famous people have had them built into their homes – complete with large comfy chairs, impressive surround-sound systems and even popcorn-makers. So why don’t you become someone that has made the decision to bring the excitement of the cinema into their home?

It used to be popular to dig down into the foundations of your home in order to turn the wasted space into a swimming pool. However, those that decided to do this soon discovered that doing this presented many complications. But transforming the wasted space into a home cinema – or wine cellar – proved much simpler. Thus saving stress, hassle and money! A home cinema has now become a must-have home extravagance.

With unpredictable working hours and people having to work away from home, it is becoming more and more difficult to gather the whole family around the dinner table. Team this with the fact that is becoming more and more fashionable for open plan homes that means the living room and kitchen become one room, the need for the old traditional dining rooms is dying out. An underground cinema room will definitely bridge the gap between family time and still having that open plan area that people crave. A cinema room means that families can gather together at any time of day or night, at their own convenience. Therefore, making the cinema room a very strong contender to replace the dining room as a family bonding space.

When home cinemas began to become popular it used to be that only the rich and affluent people could afford one. However, this is no longer the case. Converting your basement has become more affordable and have become an achievable goal for anyone!


Listed below are just a few benefits you will get from having an underground cinema:

  • The low ambient light in the underground room enables the projection system to perform at their very best
  • No windows and wall features, such as fireplaces means that you can place the speakers in the perfect positions around the room
  • You can watch films at any time, day or night
  • Private film viewings
  • Enables the whole family to spend quality time together
  • Makes the most of the unused space under your house
  • The subterranean enclosed room is perfect for managing the acoustics of the cinema
  • Adds value to your home


You can contact us if you have queries regarding the underground pods we have available for your cinema. Alternatively, you can simply message us through our website and we will ship it directly to your door. So why not contact us today? You will be happy that you did!